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The singer, songwriter and producer from Austria refuses to stick to one single genre: sundazzled dreampop meets trip-hop and folktronica. Fresh, eclectic soundscapes and poetic lyrics makes her melodies unforgettable as the charismatic artist herself.

Ever since her well-received EP “Water” was released in 2017 Little Element’s music has been played in radio stations all over Europe and Israel and has entered all i-Tunes Charts.

On top of that, Little Element was named “Soundpark Act of the Month” in July 2017 by the Austrian radio station FM4. Numerous gigs in Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg and on festivals have shown Little Element’s talent to perform on stage with and without her backing band. Fiery basslines, grounding beats, catchy guitar riffs and sitar melodies, which come and go like waves in the ocean, define her sound. Her dreamy voice takes the audience on a Roadtrip in high spirits.


Lisa Aumaier’s (aka Little Element) biography sounds like a familiar story. As a teenager she drops out of high school to travel to the French Atlantic coast with a guitar in her luggage. On the beach she discovers surfing, music and herself (at least a little). At the age of 20 she starts to compose her own songs. She downsizes her bed in order to make room for a small recording studio at home.


Travelling is a creative cure and and inspiration for the restless globetrotter.

“I lost my heart by the ocean”, reveals Little Element at the beginning of her debut record. On an honest and authentic journey – surfboard in her arm and a guitar on her back – Little Element seeks out desired places, love stories and answers. As in every well-told story, the way is the aim. With her music Little Element is already on the right path.


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